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Meet the Team

Lovers & Friends

We are Duddu & Vitali. A warm-hearted and emotional couple. How could it be otherwise - we got to know each other at a wedding - the nights got shorter & the conversations longer. Friendship turned into love and a future together.


Travel opens your heart. In 2022, we treated ourselves to an unforgettable 4-month break in Asia and were able to immerse ourselves in a world full of adventure.

x Sri Lanka

x Maldives

x Thailand

x Bali

x Malaysia

If we had to choose, Bali would be our favorite.


Partner in Crime

We are (mostly) romantic and love weddings. It's one of the most emotional days of a couple's life. As a couple of photographers and videographers, we look forward to every single story.

Duddu & Vitali-13P.jpg

Be yourself, be true.

Facts about

Duddu & Vitali


x funny & crazy

x empathetic

x incredibly warm

x passionate


x humorous

x travel enthusiast

x creativ

x cordial

x perfectionist

x determined

Duddu & Vitali
Duddu & Vitali

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